Reasons to purchase the Air Bra:

A unique feature of the Air Bra is that it provides complete freedom from wires, straps, and hooks and hence makes life simpler for millions of women. Moreover, the front and back portion of Air Bras is much larger than those of the traditional bras, thus enhancing women to carry themselves more comfortably with pride and confidence! Undoubtedly, Air Bra is the number one choice for all users!

The soft breathable quality of the Air Bras repels moisture and is a feature to watch out for! Women find it easy and comfortable to wear such bras throughout the day. Additionally, the cups are just perfectly designed to eliminate shapeless curves or other embarrassing situations like popping back fat. It works for women even if they are losing or gaining weight at short intervals.

The Air Bra is one of the most revolutionized products in the undergarments industry! It is carefully designed keeping in mind the comforts and luxuries of women who are subjected to chest and back pain due to long duration bra wearing.

More About the Air Bra:

The Air Bra comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors and suits women with all body types. Likewise, A, B, C and D – cup bras are available. The soft stretchy material perfectly fits on the women body and eliminates embarrassing bulges. Air Bras are also recommended for sportswomen who need to undergo tremendous physical exertion, and require comfortable upper body movement. The cut – in style of the shoulders, enables a woman to wear sleeveless tops by making the bra completely invisible. The classy look of the bras is the most attractive feature and it adds to the beauty, and confidence of women!

How to use the Air Bra:

  • The first step is to choose the correct bra size and cup size according to your body. The size will be almost similar to the traditional bras that you use.
  • Next, since it has been proven, that Air Bras help achieve lift – ups, it is recommended that you wear it throughout the day and remove it only at night. This will eventually shape up your entire upper body structure.


Comfort at your fingertips!

The Air Bras are undoubtedly comfortable and especially suitable for women who complain of back aches and chest aches due to long duration bra wearing. Air Bra is also ideal for those who grumble with the tight straps and wires which cause unnecessary linings on their body. The stretchable material and completely elastic straps enhance easy body movement and activity and eliminate the fatigue that women face while wearing traditional bras.

Perfect shape and curves:

Women having out of shape bulges or extra fat often find it embarrassing in public because traditional bras do not hide the extra bulges. However, Air Bras are just too perfect and tones up the body shape and prevents awkward situations. Moreover, its long - term usage also enables the user to achieve permanent lift – ups!


Millions of people have loved our product. So will you!

A lot of our customers have thanked us for helping them lead a comfortable life and avoiding embarrassing situations! We are sure that you would be the next one to thank us for our revolutionary product.


30 – Days Money Back Guarantee:

We are sure that you are going to have a delightful experience with our product – Air Bras! Trust us, you will negate all irritations due to bra-wearing and have an all new comfortable life. However, we want to ensure that you do not hesitate to try out something new. Hence, we offer 30 – days Money Back Guarantee in case our product fails to satisfy you, such that you do not have to think twice before buying the Air Bras!

Customer Reviews

My daughter, 18 – years is slightly obese. She had a problem with the bulges suddenly popping out of the traditional bras. It made it very embarrassing in front of her friends. I purchased the Air Bra for her and believe me; not only does it fit perfectly on her body, but also it has helped her achieve lift – ups and a better body structure. Now she does not even hesitate to wear sleeveless tops, and can carry herself in style and confidence. Thank you, Air Bra.

Ishita Gupta

Bra wearing had always been a problematic issue for me, so much so that I avoided wearing it at home and used it only when I had to go outside. But the comfort of Air Bras makes me feel happy and light throughout the day. Moreover, I do not need to think twice before choosing my clothes, as I am assured that I will have achieved the perfect body linings and curves after putting on the Air Bra.


Karnika Kulshrestha

I am a 28 – year - old woman. I am working in the corporate sector having 12 hours work a day. Traditional bras used to infuriate me. The tight straps, the painful hooks and the sudden roll –offs! After I started using the Air Bras, my experience totally changed! I never feel the pain of wearing the bra as it fits perfectly on my body and aligns and stretches according to my body movements!



Amrita Kaur

I am a district level basketball player. Air Bra works great for me! Not only does it repel away the moisture from my body after intense physical exertion, but also it keeps a larger portion of my front and back covered than traditional bras, which gives me more comfort while performing. I will recommend the Air Bra to all sports persons!




Akansha Singh

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